Asked Dec 16, 2019

The radius of a circle is measured to be (10.5 ± 0.2) m. Calculate
(a) the area and (b) the circumference of the circle, and
give the uncertainty in each value.


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Step 1

(a) The area of the circle is


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A = Tr? = T (10.5 m±0.2m)´ -=[(110m²)=(0.04m²)±2(10.5 m)(0.2m)] =[(110m²) =(0.04m²)= (4.2 m²)] [1] 1.21

Step 2

Neglect the middle term in equation (1) as it is smaller value com...


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A = =[(110m²)=(4.2m²)] = 346 m? +13 m?


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