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The reaction of an acid with a hydroxide base gives what two products? What is the most common mistake made in writing an equation for such a reaction?


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A chemical reaction is symbolic representation of the conversion of substances to new substances.

In a chemical reaction; the substance which involves in conversion is said to be reactant whereas the newly formed substance is called as product. Both reactant and products must be separated by arrow. In a balance chemical equation, the number of atoms must be same at both sides of the equation.

Step 2

The reaction of acid with hydroxide base is called as an acid-base reaction that must lead to formation of water and salt. It is also called as neutralization reaction.

Step 3

For example, the reaction of Al(OH)3 with H2SO4 forms Al2(SO4)3 as the salt. The most common mistake in writing the balance chemical equation is the balancing the acid-base reaction.

Like in the of Al(OH)3 with H2SO4 forms Al2(SO4)3 , to balance this,  ...


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2 Al(OH), + 3 H,So,- →Al, (SO,), +6 H,O


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