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The score of six students in math and economic is this

In math:  40,50,10,30,60&50

In economics: 50,44,50,42,20&44

Use spearman rank to find the relationship in the score 


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Step 1

Given scores of six students in math and economics shown below.

Arrange the scores in decreasing order and assign ranks to them.  Highest score will be rank 1 and so on. If two scores are equal then we mark them with equal rank as shown below.

Step 2

The scores in Math and Economics which are same have equal ranks. Now let us replace the ranks with their mean ranks.

Two scores for rank 2 ,3 are tied in math, so let us say both have mean rank of 2.5.                     Two scores for rank 1,2 are tied in economics, so let us say both have mean rank 1.5                 Two scores for rank 3,4 are tied in economics, so let us say both have mean rank 3.5

Now let us find d which is difference of both ranks and then find the square of d as shown below.

Step 3

We use a correction factor when the score are tie. It is shown below (m is the number of scores tied at particular rank).

In Math score two scores 50 are tied so m = 2, In Economics two scores of 50 and two scores o...


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