The selling price of a car is $18,000. Each year, it loses 15% of its value.Which function gives the value of the cart years after its purchase?Select the correct answer below: -f(t)=18,000(0.15)t -f(t)=18,000(0.85)t f-(t)=18,000(1.15)t -f(t)=18,000(1.85)t -f(t)=18,000−(0.15)t

Asked Feb 23, 2019
The selling price of a car is $18,000. Each year, it loses 15% of its value.

Which function gives the value of the cart years after its purchase?

Select the correct answer below:


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Step 1

We have been given the selling price of a car as $18000 and that its value is decreasing by 15% every year. We need to write an expression for value of the car t years later. 

In order to write the function for value of car t years later, we can use the formula form annual growth/decay as shown below:


Step 2

Upon substituting the given values into t...


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