The sum of two numbers is 72.Find the numbers so that the sum of the squares is minimum.


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Applications of Derivative

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Q: The figure shows the graph of y = f(x) and its two vertical asymptotes. Use the graph to find the in...

A: From the graph, we have vertical asymptotes at x = -2 and x = 2 and point of maxima at y = 3 implies...

Q: What are the effects of Parameters on Graphs?

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Q: Use Laplace transforms to solve the initial value problem x'=2x+y, y'=6x+3y; x(0)=1,y(0)=-2

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Q: b. Consider the compound function:             (x - 2)3 for x less than or equal to 2h(x) =  |x| for...

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Q: Calculus Question

A: We have to calculate derivative with respect to x of the other variable appearing in the equation.

Q: Evaluate the integral. ∫ y e0.2y dy

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Q: Explain how the real-world meaning of a derivative is related to the independent (input) and depende...

A: An independent variable a variable that stands alone and it doesn't change by the other variables we...

Q: How do I evaluate the limit?

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Q: Among all rectangular boxes defined by the inequalities 0 ≤x ≤ a, 0 ≤ y ≤ b, 0 ≤ z ≤ 1, find the one...

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Q: Factor : (x + y)4 - 100(x + y)2

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Q: How do you find equations for spheres in space? Give examples.

A: Concept: A set of all points commonly a line, a line segment, a curve or a surface whose location is...

Q: Define the Arcsine and Arccosine Functions?

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Q: Work carefully Proceed with caution when using implicit differentiation to find points at which a cu...

A: Given The equation of the curve is  x2( 3y)- 2y32 = 4 . Product rule of derivative is  (fg)'=f'g+ g'...

Q: City urbanization City planners model the size of their city usingthe function A(t) = - 1/50t2 + 2t ...

A: Given  The function is  A(t)=-150t2+2t+20  , 0<t<50

Q: Use the definition of continuity and the properties oflimits to show that the function is continuous...

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Q: 9 is 1/10 of

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Q: Find the first four nonzero terms in the Maclaurin series for the functions sin (tan-1 x)

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Q: Find the Jacobian ∂(x, y, z)/∂(u, y, w) of the transformation x = 2u - 1, y = 3v - 4, z = (1/2)(w - ...

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Q: What is the pattern of the isociines? Do they help visualize behavior?

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Q: f(x)=6x-4;           x=2,x=3 1.determine the net change between the given values of the variable. 2....

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Q: Don't know how to factor

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Q: I'm stuck on problem B please help

A: Consider the given function: Here the objective is to determine the coordinate of vertices of the f...

Q: If sin z + cos I 2, then the value of sin" r+ cos" z will be-

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Q: find the range algebraically

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Q: Find the indefinite integral. ∫ 2x /(x + 1)2 dx

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Q: Need help with this question!

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Q: 13.1.044

A: knlk

Q: Find f'(x), f'(x), and f (x) for the following function. f(x) = 6x + 3x? + 4x %3D f'(x) = 18x + 6x+4...

A: The given function is fx=6x3+3x2+4x. Differentiate fx with respect to x. f'x=ddx6x3+3x2+4x=6ddxx3+3d...

Q: Graph the equation y=- 2x' + 6x' - 3

A: The given function is y = –2x3 + 6x2 –3. Consider some values of x, find the corresponding f(x) valu...

Q: use the shell method to find the volumes of thesolids generated by revolving the regions bounded by ...

A: Given: The curves  y =  x 4 and y = 4 – 3 x 2 .   To find: The volume generated by revolving the reg...

Q: Prove that if the limit of f(x) as x approaches c exists, then the limit must be unique.

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Q: Find the Riemann sum for f(x) = sin x over the interval [0, 2 ], where

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Q: please help

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Q: 3. CAR WASH To raise money for their rowing club, Halima, Aisha, and Fatima are advertising a car wa...

A: Given coordinates 3,15,6,4, and 11,9 To find area if each unit represents 0.5 km

Q: For each of the below functions, compute the derivative x2+3x-1 / tan(x)

A: We have  fx=x2+3x−1tanx Now Differentiate w.r.t "x"  Using Quotient Rule    

Q: Let ū = and v =. Calculate the following and answer the following questions: Find the unit vector in...

A: Given vectors

Q: ChainR ulef or PartialD erivativs

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Q: State the name of the property illustrated. 1/(x + 3)(x + 3) = 1, x ≠ -3

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Q: Write an equation that expresses the fact that a function fis continuous at the number 4.

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Q: Determine whether the statement " The cylindrical coordinates of a point (x, y, z) are unique. ", is...

A: To determine: Whether the statement “The cylindrical  coordinates of a point (x, y , z ) is unique” ...

Q: Find