(a) Make a scatter diagram of the data.
(b) Use the regression feature of a calculator to find the​ best-fitting linear function for the data. Graph the function with the data.
(c) Repeat part​ (b) for a cubic function.
(d) Estimate the minimum sight distance for a car traveling 68 mph using the functions from parts​ (b) and​ (c).
(e) By comparing the graphs of the functions in parts​ (b) and​ (c) with the​ data, decide which function best fits the given data.
The table shows the sight distance y in feet for a car traveling at x miles per hour.
x (in mph)
y (in feet)

Image Transcription

The table shows the sight distance y in feet for a car traveling at x miles per hour. x (in mph) y (in feet) 20 30 40 50 60 65 70 1090 820 1485 1840 2140 2320 2490

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