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The table summarizes results from 988 pedestrian deaths that were caused by automobile accidents.

Pedestrian Deaths

Pedestrian Intoxicated?
Yes No
Yes 48 77
No 217 646

If one of the pedestrian deaths is randomly selected, find the probability that both the pedestrian and the driver were intoxicated. Please enter a decimal to 4 places.

Probability = 


Expert Answer

Step 1


The number of pedestriants intoxicated = 48 + 217 =265

The number of pedestriants not intoxicated = 77 + 646 = 723

The number of drivers intoxicated = 48 + 77 = 125

The number of drivers not intoxicated 217 + 646 =863

Total number of deaths = 48+77+217+646 = 988

Step 2

The value of probability...


Image Transcriptionclose

Number of favourable outcomes P(E) = Total number of outcomes


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