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the thorax lengths in a population of male fruit flies follow a normal distribution with mean 0.8 millimeters (mm) and standard deviation 0.1mm. sketch what this normal curve looks like. add an appropriate scale to the horizontal axis (7 numbers) that uses the mean and standard deviation. 


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Step 1


The thorax lengths in a population of male fruit files follows a normal distribution with mean µ = 0.8 mm and standard deviation σ = 0.1mm.

Empirical Rule:

If a population has bell shaped distribution with mean µ and standard deviation σ ;

  • Approximately 68% of the observations lie between µ – σ and µ + σ.
  • Approximately 95% of the observations lie between µ – 2σ and µ + 2σ.
  • Approximately all of the observations lie between µ – 3σ and µ + 3σ.
Step 2


Normal distribution is a bell shaped distribution. Here using the empirical rule, the three limit for the distribution are,

Step 3

Putting the scaling in ...


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