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the two identetical freight cars roll without friction towards each ohter, in oppoite directions, on a level track,. One car roll at 3.3 m/s and the other rolls at 2.2 m/s/. After the cars collied, they couple and roll together with a speed of ___ m/s 


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According to the conservation of mometnum we know thatmomentum b...

It s given that after collision they move with same speed say, 'v
т 3 т, 3D т
и, 3 3.Зт / s
и, %3 - 2.2m / s

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It s given that after collision they move with same speed say, 'v т 3 т, 3D т и, 3 3.Зт / s и, %3 - 2.2m / s


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