Asked Oct 29, 2019

this a statistics question!!!! I am lookin for the monetary value!!!!

For box a is $100,000 

box b is -$55,000

box c is 0 

and box d is 0 

p1 = 75%
p2 = 25% 

questions are 

1. what EMV  ( expected monetary value)  amount do you come up with ? And what is your EMV decision ? In other words, do you build, or not?


Expert Answer

Step 1


The expected value of a random variable X formula is


Image Transcriptionclose

Ε(1) -Σ2(x = )

Step 2

1.The EMV  ( expected monetary value) is obtained below:

From the given information, box a is $100,000, box b is –$55,0...


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E(1) -ΣΡ(X =x | -[(100,000x 0.75)+(-55,000x 0.25)] 75,000-13,750 61,250


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