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True or False?

A protist that was well adapted to its current environment and was not resource limited would most likely reproduce via asexual reproduction.


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Protista is a kingdom of simple eukaryotic organisms. It is composed of a single cell. They usually live in water or moist terrestrial habitats. Example: algae, euglena, amoebas, plasmodium, etc. Protista cell body contains a well-defined nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles. Some have cilia or flagella.

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Protists reproduce by both asexually and sexually by the process involving cell fusion and zygote formation. It may be holotropic or photosynthetic. They can also be parasitic, saprotrophic, symbionts and some have mixotrophic nutrition. Zooplanktons are free-floating, holozoic protozoans. Phytoplankton’s are photosynthetic, floating protists.

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Protist can reproduce asexually and sexually depending on ...

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