TRUE OR FALSE: An inscribed angle has it vertex on the circle and the legs of the angle are chords inside of the circle.

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A: Solve equation

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A: We know that "A number in the form of pq where (q≠0) is called as a rational number. 

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A: To find the total cost we just need to add all the costs.

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A: a.          x+y ≤x + y                                             (triangle inequality)b. Re(z1+z2)...

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A: Use pythagorous theorem

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A: Function values gives in a table , we have to find when the function takes positive.

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A:                          x4-2x2+7x-3=x4+0.x3-2x2+7x-3               (1)   and                   4x3+...

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A: Solution: The objective is to find the zeros of the given quadratic equation

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A: Given Venn diagram of survey

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A: Given that:                           Height of ball after t seconds:            h=156-8t-16t2

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