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True or false?

Protists are more closely related to eachother than they are plants, animals and fungi


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The organisms belonging to kingdom Protista are simple eukaryotic organisms. Generally, these organisms are single-celled, or they prefer to form a colony. Protists can live in moist terrestrial habitats, in water, and can act as parasites and symbionts for multicellular eukaryotes. Algae, euglena, plasmodium, and molds are certain examples of protists.

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Eukaryotes belonging to protists do not belong to Plantae, Animalia, or fungi kingdoms. Hence, Protista is a very diverse kingdom. Protists do not have much in common except simple cell organization. Some protists are unicellular like amoeba, and some protists are large and multicellular like seaweed. Moreover, multicellular protists do not contain any kind of specialized tissues like ...

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