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Two people start at the same place and walk around a circular lake in opposite directions. One walks with an angular speed of 1.7 x 10-3  rad/s While the ohter has an angular speed of 3.4 x 10-3 rad/s. How long will it be before they meet?


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Step 1

The figure shows the two people walk around in a circular lake in opposite directions.

Step 2

The total path travelled by the two people around the circular lake is,

The angular position of the two people around the circular lake is,


Image Transcriptionclose

в — в, — 2я а - af в, — од

Step 3

Find the time period of the two people before ...


Image Transcriptionclose

(a)2 t= a-a2 2(3.14) 1.7x10 rad/s-(3Ax10 rad/s) 6.28 1.7x10 rad/s+3.4x10 rad/s =1231s


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