Asked Feb 22, 2020

Two plants, both heterozygous for these traits, were testcrossed,
with the following results.
Phenotype Plant A Plant B
red, long 46 4
yellow, oval 44 6
red, oval 5 43
yellow, long 5 47
100 100
Determine the location of the genes relative to one another
and the genotypes of the two parental plants.


Expert Answer

Step 1

In Plant A, the Red Long and Yellow oval are the dominant traits.

In Plant B, the Red Oval and Yellow Long are the dominant traits.


Red Long

Red Oval

Yellow Long

Yellow Oval

Plant A





Plant B






Since, both the parents are heterozygous, there will be expression of the dominant traits.


For plant A, genotype is RrLl.

For plant B, genotype...

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