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Two resistors connected in series have an equivalent resistance
of 690 Ω. When they are connected in parallel, their equivalent resistance is 150 Ω. Find the resistance of each resistor.


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Step 1



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R, = 150N R = 690N

Step 2

Equivalent resistance for series combination can be calculated as


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R, R + R, 690 = R, + R, R = 690 – R,..(1)

Step 3

Equivalent resistance for parallel co...


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1 1 1 R, R R, R, + R RR, 150 R, (690 – R, ) = R, + 690 – R, 150 R, (690 – R, ) = 690 ×150 %3D 690R, – R = 103500 R - 690R, +103500 = 0 690+ v6902 – 4×103500 R, 690 ± 249.20 R, R, = 469.6,220.4 other values is for R, R = 220.4N R, = 469.62 - |


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