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Two students prepare two cyclohexane solutions having the same freezing point. Student 1 uses 26.6 g of cyclohexane solvent, and student 2 uses 24.1 g of cyclohexane solvent. Which student has the greater number of moles of solute? 


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Step 1

Given that students use the two solutions of cyclohexane that have same freezing point.

It can be written as,


ΔTf is the depression in freezing point.

Kf is the molal freezing point depression constant.

m is the molality of the solution.

Depression in freezing point can also be written as follows:



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AT K x m f J. ΔΤ. f freezing point of solvent - freezing point of solution

Step 2

The molality of a solution is the ratio of number of moles of solute to that of the weight of the solvent in kg.

Since ΔTf and Kf are constant, molality (m) is also constant.

From above equation (1), it is evident that number of moles of solute is directly proportional to the mass of the solvent.

Mathematically, for the two given solutions it c...


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Molality = number of moles of solute mass of the solvent in kg Molality = number of moles of solute mass of the solvent in kg constant 1) W "1. (2) 2W2


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