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Unlike many fats and oils, the cocoa butter used to make chocolate is remarkably uniform in composition. All triacylglycerols contain oleic acid esteried to the 2° OH group of glycerol, and either palmitic acid or stearic acid esteried to the 1° OH groups. Draw the structures of two possible triacylglycerols that compose cocoa butter.


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The condensed formula of oleic acid is CH3(CH2)7CH = CH(CH2)7CO2H. It is a unsaturated fatty acid, that contains 18 carbon atom, with one double bond. The condensed formula of stearic acid is CH3(CH2)16 CO2H. It is a saturated fatty acid that contains 18 carbon atom, with no double bond. The condensed formula of palmitic acid is CH3(CH2)14 CO2H. It is a saturated fatty acid that contains 16 carbon atoms with no double bond.

Step 2

The structures of first possible triacylglycerol ...

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