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Use a= .05 and one tailed testt= 1.75, df= infinty symbol. reject, fail to reject


Use a= .05 and one tailed test

t= 1.75, df= infinty symbol. reject, fail to reject 


Step 1

Given α = 0.05, one tail test, t = 1.5 and degree of freedom = infinity.

When the degree of freedom is infinite then we say that the distribution is normal distribution and t score is nothing but the Z score. So Z score = 1.5. It is a one tail test.

For a left one tail test if test statistic is less than the Z critical score Zα, then we reject the null hypothesis and vic versa. For right one tail test If the test statistic is greater than  Z critical score  Z1-α then we reject the null hypothesis and vice versa...

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