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Use tests for symmetry to determine which graphs from the list below are symmetric with respect to the y-axis. (Select all that apply.)

y = 4x− 7
y = −x + 4
y = −4x2
y = 7x2 − 9
x = 1/5y2
x = −y2 + 3
y = −1/3x3
y = x3 − 8
y = square root of( 2) − 9
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Step 1

As per our policy I am going to solve 1st three question and for the reaming question post the question again separately.

We know that,

Test for symmetry about the y-axis:

1st Step: Replace x with (-x).

2nd Step: Simplify the equation then if the resulting equation is equivalent to the original equation, then the graph is symmetrical about the y-axis

Step 2

Question 1

y = 4x – 7

Now replacing x by -x, we get

y = 4(– x) – 7 = – 4x – 7

Since, the resulting equation is not equivalent to the original equation then the graph is not symmetrical about the y-axis.

Step 3

Question 2

y = -x + 4

Now replacing x by -x, we get

y = - (-x) + 4 = x + 4

Since, the resulting equation is not...

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