Use the abbreviations (table) to enter all possible geometries for the species TeI2 (in alphabetic order). When entering, separate each possible geometry abbreviation by a comma. Coordination GeometriesLinearLBentBTrigonal PlanarTPTrigonal PyramidalTPyT-shapedTSTetrahedralTSeesawSSquare PlanarSPTrigonal BipyramidalTBPSquare PyramidalSPyOctahedralO

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Use the abbreviations (table) to enter all possible geometries for the species TeI2 (in alphabetic order). When entering, separate each possible geometry abbreviation by a comma.

Coordination Geometries
Linear L
Bent B
Trigonal Planar TP
Trigonal Pyramidal TPy
T-shaped TS
Tetrahedral T
Seesaw S
Square Planar SP
Trigonal Bipyramidal TBP
Square Pyramidal SPy
Octahedral O

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Step 1

The molecular structure is a 3-dimensional representation of bond pairs around the central atom. It is also known as molecular geometry.

Electron geometry is a 3-dimensional representation of bond pairs and lone pair around the central atom.

Step 2

Te is an element of group 16 that means the number of valence electrons in Te is 6. Since, the given molecule is TeI2 therefore, there will be 2 bond pair with Iodine (I) and 2 lone pairs on the central atom Te.

Thus, the electronic geometry of TeI2 is tetrahedral whereas the molecular geometry of the compound TeI2 is bent.

Step 3

The molecular geometry of the compound TeI2 ...


Image Transcriptionclose

Te I 2+2 arrangement therefore, tetrahedral geometry but due to 2 lone pairs molecular geometry is Bent


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