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use the bohr equation to find the wavelength of the photon emitted when an H atom undergoes a transition from n=5 to n=2


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Step 1

The Bohr’s equation for finding the wavelength of photon emitted is similar to the Rydberg equation.  The equation is


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1 k 1 1 k -=R hc 1 =R

Step 2

The given transition is from n=5 to n=2.  ...


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1 =R n 2;n5 R-Rydberg's constant=10973731.6 1 1 2252 =10973731.6 1 2304483.636 1 2=. 2304483.636 4.34x10 m m 10 nm A =4.34x10mx10°nm m 434 nm


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