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Step 1


Computation of equation of the regression line:

Step-by-step EXCEL procedure to find the equation of the regression line is as follows.

  • Go to data -> Data Analysis.
  • Select “Regression” from Analysis Tools and click Ok.
  • Select Y data in Input Y Range and select X data in Input X Range.
  • Click Ok.

The output is as follows.

Step 2


From the EXCEL output, the coefficient of intercept is 3.4009 and the coefficient of x is 0.4000.

Thus, the equation of the regression line is y-hat=3.40+0.4x.

Step 3

Scatterplot for the regression line:

  • Step-by-step EXCEL procedure to plot scatterplot for the regression line is as follows.
  • Select the data and go to insertà
  • Choose the scatter diagram.
  • Right click on...

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