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Use the Laplace transform to solve the given initial-value problem.

y''+2y'+y=0,    y(0)=1,    y'(0)=1


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Step 1

Step 2

Take Laplace transformation as,


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L{y+2L{y+L{y} =L{0} f()s(0)y(0)+2[sY(s)- (0)]+Y(s)=0 fr(s)-sy(0)-y(0)+2sY (s)-2y(0)+Y(s)=0 Y(s)s-1+2sY(s)-2+Y(s)0 Y(s)(5 +2s +1)-s-3-0 r(s)(s+2s+1)=s+3

Step 3

On further simpli...


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