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Using A standard 52 card deck, you are dealt a five card poker hand. What is probability you will dealt 

a) all hearts


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Step 1

Concept of probability:

Probability deals with the likelihood of occurrence of a given event. The probability value lies between 0 and 1. An event with probability 1 is considered as certain event and an event with probability 0 is considered as an impossible event. The probability of 0.5 infers of having equal odds of occurring and not occurring of an event.

The general formula to obtain probability of an event A is,

P(A) = (number of favourable elements for event A)/(Total number of elements in the sample space).

The basic properties of probability are given below:

Step 2

Find the probability that the player is dealt with 5 hearts:

The number of cards in the deck is 52.

The number of cards in the players hand is 5.

The number of hearts in a standard deck of 52 cards is 13.

The number of hearts in which player is interested is 5.

Now, the requirement is that the player has to deal with 5 hearts in a five card hand.

That is,...


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