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using an array write a program that will ask the user to enter a temperature for each day of the week and will find and print the average temperature, the low temperature and high temperature In Java 


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Step 1

The approach and program to find the highest, lowest and the average temperature of a week by using arrays is given below:


  • Importing the essential package and declaring the main function within the main class.
  • Creating the object of scanner class.
  • Declaring and allocating the memory to the t[7] array of the double data type.
  • Declaring the variables s, avg_temp of double datatype to store the sum and average of the temperatures of each day.
  • Using for loop to check the condition repeatedly and storing the temperature of each day entered by the user and calculating the sum and average.
  • Now, declaring the variables low_temp, high_temp to store the lowest and highest temperature stored in the array t[].
  • Inside another for loop, if statements are used to store and check the highest, lowest values of the temperature and storing these values to the above variables.
  • Displaying the highest, lowest and the average value of the temperatures.      
Step 2


//importing the package

import java.util.*;

//declaring the main class

public class Main


    //declaring the main function

    public static void main(String[] args)


            //creating the object of Scanner class

            Scanner input = new Scanner( );

            //declaring the array

            double t [];

            //allocating memory to the array

            t = new double[7];

            //declaring the variables as per the requirement

//initializing the variables to zero      

            double s = 0;

            double avg_temp = 0;

            System.out.println("Please enter the temperature for each day: ");

        //for loop is used to check the condition repeatedely   

        for( int i = 0; i < 7; i++ )


            //prompt user to take input

            System.out.print("Temperature of day " + ( i + 1 ) + ":" );

            t[i] = input.nextDouble();

            //sum of temperature

            s = s + t[i];

            //calculating the average

            avg_temp = s / t.length;


            //calculating the average

            avg_temp = s / t.length;


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