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Using the provided data, calculate the amount of heat, in kJ, that must be removed to cool 17.0 g of gaseous acetone, initially at 73. °C, to solid acetone at -115. °C.
molar mass 58.0791 g/mol
melting point -95. °C
boiling point 56. °C
ΔHfus 5.69 kJ/mol
ΔHvap at bp 29.1 kJ/mol
Cs, solid 1.6 J/g⋅°C
Cs, liquid 2.16 J/g⋅°C
Cs, gas 1.47 J/g⋅°C
A) 19.89 kJ
B) 16.70 kJ
C) 99.98 kJ
D) 43.95 kJ
E) 88.25 kJ

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The amount of heat released when 17g of gaseous acetone c...


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