A rectangular strip of paper of width 4 inches is folded on the dashed line. See the diagram. Certain angles are angled to help solve solutions in part a (show that triangle T is similar to triangle S, answer attached in photo) and part C:

part C: use the diagram to show that tan^-1 2sqrt2 + 2tan^-1 sqrt2 = pi (radians).


Use only the diagram, basic angle facts, and the definitions of tan and tan^-1. In particular, do not use a calculator. 

Transcribed Image Text

Ва T b C с S 4 Пь

Thus, ZA = ZB = 90, ZECB = ZAEF, ZBEC = ZAFE
Hence, we can say, ABEC ~ sAFE
Or, in other words, triangle T is similar to triangle S
Transcribed Image Text

Thus, ZA = ZB = 90, ZECB = ZAEF, ZBEC = ZAFE Hence, we can say, ABEC ~ sAFE Or, in other words, triangle T is similar to triangle S

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