Evaluate the limit, by using the appropriate Limit Law(s).


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Q: Consider the position function ​s(t)=−4.9t^2+34t+16. Complete the following table with the appropria...

A: Given:

Q: Solve for x. (Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) (x + 1)4/3 = 81

A: To solve the given equation for x.

Q: Find an nth-degree polynomial function with real coefficients satisfying the given conditions, n = 3...

A: Given that f(x) is a 3-degree polynomial. Zeros are 1, 5i, and -5i (conjugate of 5i) So, the factors...

Q: Apply the method of undetermined coefficients to find a particular solution of each of the following...

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Q: Interpreting directional derivatives A function ƒ and a point P are given. Let θ correspond to the d...

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Q: Analyze the trace when the surface z = (1/2)x2 + (1/4) y2 is intersected by the indicated planes. Fi...

A: Consider the value of y=4

Q: Evaluate or indicate that the root is not a real number : 4√-16 ?

A: We first simplify √-16 Since -16 is a negative number, so √-16 is not real.  Because the square root...

Q: Consider the function below

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Q: Suppose that f is differentiable function at x= 3and f (3) = 0, f (3) =1. Then lim f(h+1)- f(7-h*) (...

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Q: Use the Trapezoid Rule to estimate the integral below. Be sure to show your function values, and a t...

A: To determine: The value of the given integral using the trapezoidal rule with 4 subintervals.  

Q: Find the general solution of the differential equation dy dx = xe9x2

A: Separate the variables and then integrate  

Q: Consider the position function s(t) = - 4.9t + 34t + 16. Complete the following table with the appro...

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Q: he 3x3 matrix A siven below. 1 2 A - 1 2. the determinont of A (Do not Sarrus n Use

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Q: Compute the area between the functions

A: Given , Over the interval  [0,2]

Q: Fill in the blank/s : If θ lies in quadrant IV, ______ and ______ are positive.

A: We know that, in the 4th quadrant, cos and sec are positive only.   

Q: If ƒx(a, b) = ƒy(a, b) = 0, does it follow that ƒ has a local maximum or local minimum at (a, b)? Ex...

A: To determine: Whether the function f follows that it has a local maximum or local minimum at a point...

Q: Fill in the blank/s : In order to graph y = 3cot πx/2, an interval containing one period is found by...

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Q: Use your graphing utility to graph each side of the equation log3(3x - 2) = 2 in the same viewing re...

A: We will graph  using a graphing calculator.     

Q: Show by induction that if (n) is a positive integer, then ((n^3) - n) is divisible by 6.

A: Given statement is

Q: (iv) S: (1-x²)z dx x8

A: Given:

Q: Evaluate ∫tan4 x dx.

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Q: Use the appropriate formula to express the product cos 9x cos 2x as a sum or difference.

A: We will use the formula  With A=9x and B=2x  

Q: Calculus Question

A: (a) Given:  

Q: Sketch the graph of a function ƒ that has a local maximum valueat a point c where ƒ'(c) = 0.

A: If at x=c , there is a local maximum value, then x=c is a critical point. That means f'(c)=0 will be...

Q: Find the first and second derivative if y=4-2x-x-3

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Q: A projectile is shot upwards from the surface of the earth with an initial velocity of 120 meters pe...

A: To determine: The velocity of a projectile after 6 seconds and after 9 seconds where a projectile is...

Q: Use the most appropriate method to solve the equation sin 2x + cos x = 0 on the interval [0, 2π). Us...

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Q: Quadric surfaces Consider the following equations of quadric surfaces. a. Find the intercepts with t...

A: We need    a. Find the intercepts with the three coordinate axes, when they exist. b. Find the equa...

Q: Let f(x) = x2 - x + 4 and g(x) = 3x - 5.Find g(1) and f (g(1))

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