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Walking by a lake, you notice that a light ray from the sun reflects from the lake surface back to you. If the angle of incidence is 24°, what is the angle between the reflected ray and the incident ray at the water surface?


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Step 1


According to the law of reflection,

Angle made by the incident ray on the reflected surface with the normal of that surface is equal to the angle made by the reflected ray with that normal.


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normal | reflected ray incident ray Zi= Zr

Step 2

Angle on incidence = 24ο

By the law of reflection


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sun Zi=Zr plug in the values 24° Zr Zr - 24 24 lake surface

Step 3

Angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray at the water surface ca...


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angle between the incident ray and the reflected ray Zi+Zr =24° +24° = 48°


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