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We start with vector a→of magnitude 2 m and direction 30° counterclockwise from the +x direction. If we multiply it by –0.5, what is the resulting vector’s angle (clockwise from the +x direction)?


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Step 1

Given information:

Vector a has a magnitude of 2m and direction is 300 to "+ve" x-axis in counter clock wise
Given, is multiplied by "-0.5"

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Vector a has a magnitude of 2m and direction is 300 to "+ve" x-axis in counter clock wise Given, is multiplied by "-0.5"

Step 2

When a vector is multiplied by a “-ve” integer its direction becomes completely opposite i.e. it turns an angle of 1800 and magnitude will be the multiple of the integer.

Hence the new vector makes an angle:

θ = 180 + 30 = 2100


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