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What are all the ways in which the top 4 racers in a 20 person race can finish?


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Step 1


In the given situation, the number of persons participated in the race is 20. The requirement is the top 4 racers.

  • There are 20 different racers that can come in the first.
  • Then, there are 19 different racers who do not come in the first, can come in the second.
  • Next, there are 18 different racers who do not come in the first or second, can come in the third.
  • After that, there are 17 different racers who do not come in the first or second or third, can come in the fourth.
Step 2

Find the number of ways in which the top four racers in a 20 person race can finish:

The total number of racers is 20.

The required number of top racers is 4.

The number of ...


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