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What are anionic vacancies?


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Step 1

The interruption of patterns in the solid crystal leads to the formation of defects. Stoichiometric compounds are those compounds that chemical formula represents t...

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Physical Chemistry

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Q: which of the following species is diamagnetic in nature: a   H2 b   H2^- c   H2^+

A: The species is determined to be diamagnetic if only pairing occurs and electrons present in the orbi...


Q: Why H2O is dipolar whereas BeF2 is not.

A: The shape of H2O molecule is angular and its hybridisation is sp3 whereas the shape of BeF2 molecule...


Q: Devise a synthesis of benzocaine, ethyl p-aminobenzoate (H2NC6H4CO2CH2CH3), from benzene, organic al...

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Q: Draw the cation that results when a carboxylic acid is protonated on the oxygen of the OH group. Exp...

A: The cation generated by the protonation on the oxygen of the – OH group in carboxylic acid is shown ...


Q: Draw a stepwise mechanism for the conversion of acrylonitrile (CH2 = CHC ≡ N) to polyacrylonitrile, ...

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Q: Draw the products formed when benzoic acid (C6H5CO2H) is treated with CH3OH having its O atom labele...

A: Carboxylic acids react which alcohols in the presence of acid as a catalyst to form esters as the pr...


Q: Draw a detailed mechanism for the chlorination of benzene using Cl2 and FeCl3.

A: The general reaction is as follows,


Q: Draw the products formed in the crossed aldol reaction of phenylacetaldehyde (C6H5CH2CHO) with each ...

A: (a)Reaction of phenylacetaldehyde with CH2 (COOEt) 2 is shown in below


Q: Why HNO2 behaves both as oxidising as well as reducing agent?

A: Redox reaction is the reaction in which oxidation and reduction occur simultaneously. Oxidation is d...