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What are SNARE proteins? What is their role in synaptic vesicle fusion?

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SNARE proteins are protein complexes in yeast and in mammalian cells. The major function of SNARE protein is to mediate the vesicle fusion. That means the fusion of vesicle with their specific target (membrane bound compartments), like lysosome.

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SNARE proteins are of two types:

  • Vesicle or v-SNAREs: They are incorporated into membranes of transport vesicles at the time of budding.
  • Target or t-SNAREs: They are associated with the nerve terminal membranes.
Step 3

Role of SNAREs in synaptic vesicle fusion:

SNARE complex is formed by the four alpha helices including synaptobrevin, synaptotagmin, syntaxin, and SNAP-25. They serve as calcium sensor and regulates the SNARE zipping. SNARE helps in triggering the release of calcium ions.

In the process of synaptic vesicle...

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