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What are some enviromental, social, and economic risks of polystyrene watse.  How can recycling help? Refrences included would be helpful


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Polystyrene is formed by polymerization process of monomer styrene. It is an aromatic hydrocarbon.

Reaction is shown below:


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CH2 "СH CH2- сн, CH2 CH styrene polystyrene

Step 2

Polystyrene is widely used in building insulation, CD cases, cartons, food container and nowadays polystyrene foam is widely used in food service products and home appliances such as microwaves, refrigerators and other appliances.

Environmental risks of polystyrene waste:

EPS is the expanded polystyrene which is known as Styrofoam which is widely used in packaging. Despite the wide application of polystyrene, polystyrene waste is not completely disposable. It is non-biodegradable takes thousands of years to decompose. Burning of polystyrene waste affects the environment as toxic gases are released in the environment and mix with the air. These toxic gases in the atmosphere react with oxygen, water and other gases and formed acidic pollutants which is acid rain. And it has adverse effect on global warming and ozone depletion.

Step 3

Social risks of polystyrene waste:

For good health, atmosphere should be clean and fresh. To keep atmosphere clean and fresh treatment of toxic gases is necessary. When EPS wastes are burnt in air, toxic gases are r...

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