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What are some prominent examples of legitimate and appropriate use of P2P?

Whenever we discuss P2P, students will inevitably bring up torrent-based P2P file sharing. From a web technology perspective, what are some of the programs that have been developed, and what kinds of interfaces do they offer? What are the risks of using them?


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Peer-to-peer file sharing is the method of sharing, spreading and distribution of digital media. This sharing is done via (P2P) networking technology. It is very different from traditional downloading. It facilitates interaction between computer hardware and software without the need for a database. There is no central server for handling requests in a P2P architecture, unlike the client-server architecture. To link computers and devices without having to configure a database, we need peer-to-peer networks. It's very expensive and difficult to maintain trying to build a server for everything, so people prefer cheaper alternatives such as P2P. Here are some prominent examples of P2P networks –

1)Homegroup is a small set of computers that are connected to each other to share storage and printers. It's one of the most common peer-to...

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