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What are strings in c++?


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Step 1

String in C++:

String is a class found in the library of C++. String object is used to store the strings.

The string object describes a series of characters. Character arrays are also used to store string, but the basic difference between the string object and the character array is that the length of the string objects is not fixed and can be prolonged as per the need of the program.

The string object is found in the <string> class.


//string class

#include <string>

//main method

main() method


//string object is declared

string <string_name>;


Step 2

Below are some operations that are used perform some action on the strings:

  • getline(): This function is used to store a sequence or stream of characters into the memory of object entered by the user.   
  • length(): This function is used to calculate the length of a string.
  • resize(): This function is used to change the size of a string dynamically either increase it or decrease.
  • clear(): This function...

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