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What are the applications for aldehydes, gaseous sterilizers, peroxygens, and organic acids? 


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Physical and chemical methods are used to control the microbes. Chemical methods are where chemicals are used to treat the surface or equipments in order to kill the microbes. These are often known as disinfectants, sterilizing agents and so on. The chemical methods used must not be a hazard to other organisms and the environment.

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Applications of aldehydes:

  • Used as disinfectants
  • Fumigation of cell culture facilities and labs
  • Disinfection of hospital equipments
  • Used in embalming in mortuaries
  • Formalin is used as biocide
  • Sterilizing agent for storing tissue specimens
  • Inactivate pathogens during vaccine preparation.


Applications of gaseous sterilizers:

  • Sterilize plasticware and heat-sensitive equipment
  • Sterilize vaccine and sera
  • Decontaminate biological safety cabinets
  • Sterilize mattresses in hospitals
  • Sterilize packaged materials


Applications of peroxygens:

  • Disinfection of water and air
  • Used as antiseptics
  • Sterilizing of medical instruments
  • Used in acne medical solutions
  • Used in toothpaste...

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