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What are the components of a function and how do I use it in a program?


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Step 1

In programming language there are two types of function one is build in type and the other is user-defined.

The syntax of a function is:

returnType functionName (NumberOfArgument)





            return statement;


Step 2

Component of a function:

  1. Prototype declaration of a function
  2. Function definition
  3. Calling a function
  4. Number of arguments in a function
  5. Return statement of a function


  1.  Prototype declaration of a function means to declare a function before use it.

A function declaration tells the compiler the return type of a function, the name of the function and the number of the argument of a function.

For example:

Void functionAbc (int a, int b);

This function has a void return type then it not return any value.

functionAbc is the name of the function.

int a, int b are two integer type argument.

2. The function definition is to define the body of a function.

 For example:

Void functionAbc (int a, int b)


   //body of a function

    int  c = a+b;


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