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What are the definition: endospore, keratin, vegetative cells, spore mother cells, central, terminal, subterminal, spherical, ellipitical, saprophytes, sporulate, and germinate.
This question in my microbiology lab.
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In this question we must define endospore, keratin, vegetative cells, spore mother cells, central cells, terminal, subterminal, spherical, elliptical, saprophytes, sporulate and germinate.

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An endospore is a non-productive structure which is dormant and tough and is produced by a small number of bacteria. The function of endospore is to protect the bacteria from environmental stress. They are resistant to harmful radiations, temperature, lysozyme, and starvation. They are mostly found in the soil and water and can survive thee for the long period. Endospores are even resistant to hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. They do not respond to Gram staining but are stained by Malachite green. This procedure of staining of endospores is called Schaeffer-Fulton staining.

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Keratin is a fibrous structural protein. It is mainly found in hairs, nails, skin, horns, and claws. It protects the epithelial cells from damage or stress. Keratin is a tough protein because its monomers assemble to form bundles of intermedi...

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