What are the Direct Comparison Test and the Limit Comparison
Test? What is the reasoning behind these tests? Give examples of
their use.

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Q: Find the partial fraction decomposition of (x + 2)/x(x - 1)2

A: Given:             (x+2)x (x-1)2  

Q: Eliminate the parameter, A hyperbola: x = h + a sec t, y = k + b tan t. Write the resulting equation...

A: x=h+asect , y=k+btant On simplification, we get ⇒asect=x-h , btant=y-k⇒sect=x-ha , tant=y-kb

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Q: Derivatives Evaluate the following derivatives.

A: Given:      f(x)=(ln(2x))-5 We have to find derivative of f(x) with respective x.  

Q: sint) The polynomial of degree 3, P(x), has a root of multiplicity 2 at a = 3 and a root of multipli...

A: GivenPolynomial p(x) has a root of multiplicity 2 at x=3 &  a root of multiplicity 1 at x=-5 &am...

Q: 1. Describe the transformation in this function:f(x )=x^2- 7

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A: Slope of the tangent at the point (π/8, 4) is m=f|(π/8) Given f(x)=tan(2x)+3 Then f|(x)=2sec2(2x) f|...

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Q: Consider the triangle in 3-space whose vertices are the points P(1, 1, 1), Q(5, -10, 2), and R(7, -1...

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Q: Parametric equations and a value for the parameter t are given x = 3 - 5t, y = 4 + 2t; t = 1. Find t...

A: For t=1 , x=3-5t= 3-5(1)= 3-5=-2  For t=1, y=4+2t=4+2(1)=4+2=6   

Q: Find the orthogonal trajectories for the family of curves x2 − 2y2 = C . Use a graphing utility to g...

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Q: find the limit or show that it does not exist for lim x→−∞ √4x2 + 1 / 2x + 5.

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Q: Need to set up to find derivative which rule best to use c42

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Q: Sketch the graph of y=2x^2-16x+30  Label the vertex and the x and y intercepts.

A: The given function is y=2x2-16x+30. Rewrite the above equation as follows. y=2x2-16x+30y=2x2-8x+15y=...

Q: Use the Leading Coefficient Test to determine the end behavior of the graph of the given polynomial ...

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Q: . What are the projections of the point (−2, 3, 4) on the xy-, xz-, and yz-planes? Draw a pictureand...

A: Given, the point (-2, 3, 4), we have to find the projections of this point on the xy-, yz-, and zx-p...

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A: First solve the given equations for finding the values in terms of x

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