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What are van der waals attractions?


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A chemical bond is a kind of attraction between two atoms, molecules, or ions. A chemical bond is a sole reason for the formation of a chemical compound. A chemical bond can be formed due to the sharing of electrons (covalent bond) or by transfer of electrons (ionic bond). The three main types of chemical bonds are covalent bonds, polar covalent bonds, and ionic bonds.

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The covalent bond is formed by the sharing of electrons between two atoms in a molecule. Further, the covalent bond can be of two types, polar covalent bond, and nonpolar covalent bond. The equal sharing of the shared pair of electrons between the two atoms in a chemical compound results in the formation of non-polar covalent compound.

Vander Waals attractions are the weak forces of attractions that generally are found in nonpolar covalent compounds. Hydrocarbons are nonpolar covalent compounds. Suppose a solution contains the hydrocarbons, then it would be expected that there will be no a...

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