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What can you tell me about the otifactory, optic, vagus, and vestibulachleur cranial nerves?


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Step 1

Olfactory nerve: It is the first nerve from 12 cranial nerves and represented as CN I. It conducts information associated to smell. It innervates in the nasal cavity along with the nasociliary and nasopalatine nerves.

Step 2

Optic nerve: It is the second nerve from 12 sets of cranial nerves and represented CN II. It is associated with the visual sense of the body. It carries sensory impulses from the retina’s ganglion cell to the visual centres in the brain.

Step 3

Vagus nerve: It is also known as the pneumogastric nerve. It is the tenth nerve from the 12 cranial nerves and represented as CN X. It is r...

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