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What could be the effect of a deletion, substitution or addition that alters the sequence of the stop codons? 


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Step 1

Stop codon is a nucleotide triplet which is present in mRNA. This is also known as termination codon, signals the termination of translation into proteins. This is achieved by binding of release factors which results in the disassociation of ribosomal subunits and the release of amino acid.  3 stop codons in the genetic code are UAG, UAA, and UGA.

Step 2

Effect of base substitution:

           This mutation refers to nonsense mutation, have a variety of effects. In this mutation the nucleotide will be changed and this change in nucleotide will transform the stop codon. This change will lead to the premature termination. This will cause the loss in the function of the protein being synthesised.

Step 3

Effect of deletion:

            The deletion will change the number of DNA bases by removing the piece of DNA and the ...

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