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What could the chemical formula of the molecule be? 


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Electrostatic potential map illustrates the three dim...

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Physical Chemistry

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Q: what is the standard enthalpy of reaction?   CO(g)+H2O(g)⟶CO2(g)+H2(g)

A: The standard free energy of formation can be defined as the change in energy which occurs when a com...


Q: What kind of change is present in dissolving salt in water? Rusting of iron?

A: Physical change refers to a change in which the molecules are rearranged but their internal composit...


Q: How will the following situations affect the final calculation of the molarity of HC2H3O2? A small ...

A: (a)A small amount of vinegar adhered to the side of the flask remains unreacted at the end point of ...


Q: If you place 7.05 g of aluminum in a beaker with 185 mL of 1.35 M KOH, what mass of KAl(OH)4 is prod...

A: If 7.05 g of aluminum in a beaker is treated with 185 mL of 1.35 M KOH, the mass of KAl(OH)4 that is...


Q: Magnesium ribbon reacts with acid

A: All the reactive metals such as alkali and alkaline metals react with acids and produce their salt a...


Q: a) Find the pH of a 0.110 M solution of a weak monoprotic acid having Ka= 1.0×10−5. b) Find the perc...

A: GivenThe molarity of the solution = 0.11MKa = 1.0 x 10-5


Q: A coin dealer, offered a rare silver coin, suspected that it might be a counterfeit nickel copy. The...

A: Use heat lost by metal = heat gained by waterGiven,Mass of the coin = 14.5 gTemperature of the coin ...


Q: What volume of 0.422 M NaOH must be added to 0.500 Lof 0.300 M acetic acid to raise its pH to 4.00 a...

A: GivenVolume of acetic acid= 500.0mlMolarity of acetic acid = 0.300MMolarity of NaOH = 0.422MVolume o...


Q: Enter a complete ionic equation to show the reaction of aqueous Hg2(NO3)2 with aqueous sodium chlori...

A: The aqueous Hg2(NO)3 reacts with aqueous sodium chloride (NaCl) in order to form solid Hg2Cl2 and aq...