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What does it mean to say that algebra is a written language? How would I express an algebraic expression such as for example, numerator 3x2+5y and 2 as the denominator, in words?


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To explain the connection (in algebra) between the written and symbolic language

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Historically, problems (in algebra, or arithmetic or geometry) were expressed completely as word problems in the corresponding languages (Greek, Latin, Arabic,...). It was only much later that symbols were introduced and mathematrical expressions began to be expressed in the compact symbolic form that we are used to. Even operations like addition,multiplication (+, -, * ,/) were expressed only in words (plus, minus,...). In fact , the history of algebraic notation is a fascinating and important subject of research on its own

Step 3

Powers like x^3, x^2  , x^(1/2) (square root of x)  were al...

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