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What does it mean when two variables are described as “positively correlated”?


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In statistical analysis to measure the relation between two bivariate data, then if the change of a variable affects a change in the other variable, then this relationship is called correlation.  

If the two variable deviate in the same direction, that is if the increase ( or decrease) in one results in a corresponding increase (or decrease) in the other , correlation is said to be positive.

If the two variable deviate in the opposite direction, that is if the decrease ( or increase) in one results in a corresponding increase (or decrease) in the other , correlation is said to be negative.

  In order to draw the positive correlation we can use a scatter diagram as follows:


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35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 0 10 30 40 50 20 LO

Step 2

In mathematically we can writ...


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Covxy) Υ= σ.σ. Συ-ΣΥΣx γΣΣνΣy-ΣΥ For positive corre lation Covx,y) 0 σ.σ, ΥΞ


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