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what is 4.48 lb to grams?


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The conversion of poun...


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Q: If you want a final solution volume of 25.00 mL, would you use a volumetric flask or a 25 mL beaker....

A: Volumetric flask is used for the making final solution of 25.00 mL volume rather than beaker.


Q: You have decided to go on a road trip with your friends to Joshua Tree National Park (the desert!) i...

A: The amount of water required for each person for 3 days = 1.85 gallons x 5 x 3 = 27.75 gallon = 1.05...


Q: What is the mass of your 50-mL beaker in kilograms?

A: Unit of mass of 50-mL beaker is converted to grams:


Q: The normal freezing point of ethanol (CH3CH2OH) is -117.30 °C and its Kfpvalue is 1.99 °C/m. A nonvo...

A: It is well known that if in a solvent, a non-volatile solute is dissolved, the freezing point of the...


Q: What is the molality of 120 g of NaOH in 1000g of water?

A: Number of moles of NaOH is determined as follows,


Q: A student pours 44.3 g of water at 10 degrees Celsius into a beaker containing 115.2 g of water at 1...

A: Extensive property is the property which depends upon the amount of matter or mass and intrinsic pro...


Q: What is the total number of moles of ions in 0.150L of 0.391M Na2SO4?

A: The total number of moles of ions can be calculated asMolarity = moles / litre0.391M = moles / 0.150...


Q: Determine the number of protons and the number of electrons in each ion. (a) Ni2+ (b) S2-(c) Br-(d) ...

A: The number of protons and electrons:Protons are the sub-atomic particles that exist in the nucleus. ...


Q: Convert .85 X 10^ -12 km to nm

A: Conversion of kilometre (km) to nanometre (nm) can be done as follows: