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What is a radiation curve?


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A radiation can be defined as the transmission or emiss...

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Q: A man standing 1.52 m in front of a shaving mirror producesan inverted image 18.0 cm in front of it....

A: given:distance of object = 1.52 mdistance of image = 18 cmmagnification = 2


Q: Starting with the definitions of relativistic energy and momentum, show that E2 = p2c2 + m2c4

A: The relativistic energy is


Q: A car traveling at 35.0 m/s takes 26.0 minutes to travel a certain distance according to the driver’...

A: Formula used to calculate the time taken for the trip measured by an observer at rest on Earth. is,


Q: Calculate the classical momentum of a proton traveling at 0.990c, neglecting relativistic effects. (...

A: The formula used to calculate the classical momentum is,


Q: Which have shorter wavelengths, ultraviolet or infrared? Which has the higher frequencies?

A: Ultra-violet radiation has shorter wavelength. They have a wave length range of 1 nm to 400 nm where...


Q: Which has more energy, a photon of ultraviolet radiation or a photon of yellow light?

A: Ultraviolet light (invisible) has a shorter wavelength and a higher frequency (so photon energy) tha...


Q: What is the unit of electrical resistance?

A: the uinit of electrical resitance is Ohm , the symble is given by 


Q: How much more intense is sound at 40dB than sound at 0dB?

A: Click to see the answer


Q: What is a transistor composed of , and what are some of its function?

A: Transistors containing layer of semiconductor material. They are used to control flow of currents in...