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What is a real-world example of using the "standard error of the difference between means"? What specifically is this telling us in a real-world context?I understand the math, but not the application.


What is a real-world example of using the "standard error of the difference between means"? What specifically is this telling us in a real-world context?

I understand the math, but not the application. 

Step 1


We have tried to explain the real-world context with the help of an example.

Step 2

Standard error of mean with example:

First, consider a random sample of n (say, 10) adult males, taken from the entire population of men. Note each of their IQs and calculate the mean and standard deviation for the sample.

Now, repeat the procedure several more times (say, 40 times), that is, collect more samples of size n each, and calculate...

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